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The Animals

An ecotone is a region of transition between two biological communities. Animals, plants and even humans must learn to navigate the constantly changing and often-times violent boundaries between the man-made and the wild. "The Animals," filmed at the Headlands Center for the Arts, shows Black Tail deer roaming through the Marin Headland's Nike Missile Site. The 7-acre plot of land had long been a natural paradise for animals, and after a few decades of being turned into a major WWII U.S. military post, is now being slowly reclaimed by the wild. Black Tail Deer move effortlessly in and out of the fenced compound and its entry gates, all while mannequins dressed as soldiers look on. The video playfully imagines the emotional realities of animals adapting to their daily conditions while stubbornly holding on to a sense of home. Installed in a garden of artificial flowers - the environment is neither living nor breathing, and its presence is as unnatural yet natural as the military site itself.


Review:  SF Weekly