Parental Rental

Artists often sacrifice stability as they commit wholeheartedly to their art practices. One means of artistic survival is through collaboration, dialogue with and support from other artists.  Parental Rental was created as part of "Over My Dead Body," an installation-based, collaborative exhibition inspired by the Surrealist parlor game of the Exquisite Corpse, in which members of a group add to a piece without seeing that which came before. The emphasis was on collaboration, and the rules dictated that the artists work in groups, focus on one of several physical and creative necessities of surviving as an artist, and must connect their work to each other in some fashion. 

Parental Rental, a simulated conversation with surrogate parents who support creative professions, was created to be shown in a cardboard house collaboration with  Helen Lee, Cybele Lyle, Johanna Barron. More details available at link