Still, The Nature Channel, Christy Chan, 2017

Still, The Nature Channel, Christy Chan, 2017


Root Division 

Exhibition Dates: Jul 7, 2017 to Aug 12, 2017

Reception: Saturday, July 8, 2017 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Curator: Marisa Aragona

Artists: Marisa Aragona, Sarah Barsness. Jackie Baxton,Jessica Cadkin, Christy Chan Holly Coley, Alicia Escott, Karrie Hovey, Krista Kahl, Sarah Lee, Vanessa Marsh, Maneesh Raj Madahar w/ Laura Cohen, Patrick St. Clair, Adam Thorman

Wild is an interdisciplinary exhibition of artworks, performances and installations that attempt to express the vast infinity of internal and external wilderness. Limited only by their chosen medium the artists in Wild, express what is so alive and real but can only be known as an imagined psychological space.

With diverse works by 22 artists, Wild evokes the expanse of the natural environment and investigates deep internal psychological space. Suggestive of the mysterious wild inside and outside of us all, this exhibition equally honors the grand limitlessness of all things wild and the fragile spaces of the unknown.

As the realities of human impact on our global ecosystems are escalating, this show points to the undeniable truths of our connectedness to everything living , and our increasingly mediated experience of nature.

Wild is is a two month presentation that features a visual arts exhibition and a special evening of performance. These inter-disciplinary responses invite a dialogue in how we attempt to contain, capture and confine the deep, infinite wild space of our internal and external worlds.